A cool breeze

brushed my face

Carrying a message

from far away

It whispered

The secrets

of those who seized the day

And prayers

of those who couldn’t live that way

My warm blood

will turn cold one day

But the air,

It will still convey

Those beautiful words

An old man once said

“Gather ye rosebuds,

while ye may!”

To love is a blessing

Straight from the heart of the unknown

To love is a power

That can make even the weakest strong

To love is an achievement

The world conquered by a beautiful soul

To love is a necessity

That’s one thing we all are living for

To love is a big deal

It requires a heart so pure

To love is a struggle

A path filled with numerous stones

To love is life

It stays even after one’s gone

To love is to give

A gift that’s not to return

To love is being you

Something not everyone has done

To love is just this

And it’s enough to keep us one

The air was smooth,

So was his touch.

Under the moon,

Hearts loved so much.

The shining light.

Her beautiful eyes.

What a lovable night

For a heartbreaking sight

Who was breaking whom?

None could tell.

Pain in the atmosphere.

Every eye got welled.

A scream was heard

Followed, by a painful cry

He fell down with a thud.

It was, then time to die.

Her body in his arms.

He was losing his charm.

Who was leaving?

Hard to tell

Those who loved together,

Together they fell.

When the Sun’s too bright.

Too much,

That it hurts your eyes.

When your feet scream “NO!”

When you can’t dance anymore.

When you sweat.

Filled with regret.

When it all feels so sad,

When you start to get bad,

When your music is lost!

This might help you a lot.

Just keep your eyes close.

And sway,

You’ll soon find your way.

And it’ll again be your day.

You’ll see a new side.

The one,

You turned blind.

Enjoy the melody.

The music around,

No feeling lasts.

It’s always ‘Lost and Found’

Just for you to decide,

What to keep inside.

“I am doing great!”

“I am getting bad.”

It’s all relative,

my young friend!

You can be okay.

You can be freak.

You’re not alone.

The world’s a creep.

Just be ready,

Ready to shake hands.

I know,

You’re a good man.

Because you listen,

And you understand.

When comes the need,

you always stand.

Just be patient.

And let go.

Let’s come out,

of the spiral hold.

You’ll sustain.

Everyone does!

And if not,

We’ll make work.


If it gets worse.


If it seems cursed.


We’ll make it work!

The world’s eyes — me.

I help the world see.

People say—

Don’t need me.

At times,

don’t believe me.


Not what I seek.

Just want

for you to see.

That’s one thing

the world needs.

Shut me!

I would still be.

The world’s eyes — me.

The world blinds me.

He used to be a star,

Biggest constellation’s part,

Bright and cheerful,

Stealing everyone’s heart.

But someone pulled him apart,

from his home among stars.

He burned his way down.

Fragile, he touched the ground.

With no one to hold him.

People used to mock him.

Once a star, became a gazer

His eyes shined no longer!

People were still adoring,

Not him but his story.

He flared! And he glared!

But people just stared,

Like always.

With what left,

he bounced back.

He was turning dark.

But no one cared.

Soon he left,

with everyone near.

Oh! long they wait.

Their verse to say.

When comes the day,

only a farewell they make.

Shall leave the play

at whatever age.

But tell the story.

It’s needed to be said!

Like a love song

playing on repeat.

Your voice is there

to make it unique.

All you need to do

is to do your part.

The same old story

but told,

from your heart.

She comes to me in the middle of the night

Low on self-esteem, even though high

She shows me all her scars

and emphasis on how ugly they are

I show her the same

but emphasis on the memory lane

How together we used to sail

together we used to fail

Scars from the past

will always be her part

I tell her

How beautiful they are!

She asks me

if she is?

I blink.

She smiles taking my name

and asks if he’ll think the same?

I lie.

Because he can never

think of her as I do,

love her as I do.

I hug her,

everything will be alright.

She’ll have

a happy married life.

In that time of year,

when months are froze.

The only time you dare

to eat something cold,

Is when sun’s sweet glare

run down your porch.

Even the freezing air,

doesn’t feel so odd.

In the appreciation of winter,

you can just nod.

Gifting you a peaceful slumber,

more precious than gold.

The feeling you get there,

never gets old.

A family ‘get-together’,

about which no one told.

I so love winters,

for the warmth they hold.

Preity Bobuwa

I write poems.

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